Create a 3D virtual world faster than ever before!

..both the efficiency of automatic generation and the flexibility and accuracy of manual modelling!
..from a new workflow!
 Extensively cost and time!

Smart Virtual World Generator

Virtual worlds are getting more and more important. Nowadays every sophisticated video game is obliged to come up with highly realistic 3D graphics as well as an immersive and diversified game environment.

The creation process is – until now – characterized by the interaction of various design tools and a complex and repetitive workflow. The world is designed in an iterative process, in which its atmosphere and consistency is improved with every iteration. Unfortunately every iteration multiplies the cost of the virtual world‘s creation.

Virtual worlds are not only employed in video games, but also in a wide range of applications concerning the concept of virtual reality as well as virtual productions in the movie business.

A new Workflow

At Desaia, our mission.. to completely alternate the existing workflow by tackling its core problems and replace them with a much simpler and at the same time much more powerful solution. Desaia uses a semi-automatic approach to the generation of the virtual world.

This means that it is possible both to create the world by clicking just one button or else model everything by hand according to one‘s exact ideas – and everything in between. To achieve this and to make Desaia outstanding, we employ and combine the three fundamental approaches alongside.

About Us

Desaia is a berlin-based technology startup.
Since the beginning of 2015 we are working on redefining the way virtual worlds are designed and created.